Rules and regulations


1.These Rules describe the principles pertaining to providing services, liability and staying at the Hostel and they are an integral part of the Agreement which is concluded by signing the Residence Registration Form and by making the booking or making an advance payment or full payment for staying at the Hostel. Through performing the above-mentioned activities, the Guest confirms that he or she has read and accepts these Rules.

2. These Rules apply to all Guests staying at the FAUST Hostel.

3. These Rules are available at the Hostel Reception Desk, in each Hostel room and on the Hostel website:


1. A hostel room is booked for particular days.The check-in time is from 2:00 p.m. and the check-out time is until 11:00 at noon on the following day.

2. The Guest should request an extension of the stay at the Hostel at the Reception Desk as soon as possible. The Hostel may not comply with such request if there are no rooms available or if the Guest does not obey these Rules.

3. The Hostel reserves the right to refuse to extend the stay of the Guest at the Hostel if he or she has not made the full payment for the current stay.


1. Guest’s residence is registered on the basis of a photo identity document presented to the receptionist and a signed Residence Registration Form.

2. The Guest is not allowed to let third parties use his or her room, even if the period for which the Guest paid has not elapsed yet.

3. Persons who has not been checked in at the Hostel may stay at Hostel rooms as visitors from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

4. The Hostel may refuse to accept a Guest who grossly infringed these Rules during the previous stay, in particular through causing damages to the property of the Hostel or its Guests or injuries to another Guest, Hostel staff or other persons staying at the Hostel.

5. The Hostel reserves the right to preauthorize a credit card or be paid a cash deposit upon check-in in the amount of the full payment for the stay.

6. The booking is guaranteed in the event of making a prepayment of 40% of the amount within 2 days of making the booking. The booking may be cancelled if no advance payment has been made.

7. In the event of resignation from booking a room at the FAUST Hostel, the advance payment made will not refunded (pursuant to Article 394 of the Civil Code).

8. If the Guest resigns from staying at the Hostel during the day, the Hostel will not refund the payment made for that day.

9. If the Guest resigns from further stay, the Hostel will not refund the payment made for subsequent days, unless such resignation was reported until 11:00 at noon on the previous day.

10. The Hostel may charge the payment for the next day if the Guest does not leave the room until 11:00 at noon.


1. The Hostel provides services according to its category and standard.

2. In case of any reservations concerning the quality of services provided, the Guest is requested to report them immediately to the Reception Desk which will enable Hostel staff to improve them.

3. The Hostel is obliged to:

- guarantee safe stay of the Guests, including keeping information about the Guest in secret,

- guarantee professional and kind staff rendering all services provided by the Hostel,

- clean the room and make all necessary repairs of the equipment in the Guest’s absence, or in the Guest’s presence if the Guests wishes that.

4. Additionally, at the request of the Guest, the Hostel provides the following services free of charge:

- providing information concerning the stay and trip,

- waking up at a time indicated,

- storing baggage of the Guest,

- ordering a taxi.


1. Children under 12 years old should stay at the Hostel under permanent supervision of their guardians. Guardians bear financial responsibility for any damages caused as a result of children’s activities.

2. The Hostel Guest bears full financial responsibility for any damages of Hostel equipment and technical devices caused through the fault of the

Guest or persons visiting such Guest. The Hostel reserves the possibility to charge the credit card account of such Guest after his or her leave for damages made.

3. The Hostel may refuse to provide services for a person who infringes these Rules. Such person is obliged to immediately follow the instructions of the Hostel, settle the amounts due for services provided so far, pay for damages made, if any, and to leave the Hostel.


• damaged door: PLN 400

• door to be exchanged: PLN 1000

• broken picture, mirror: PLN 100

• broken window glass: PLN 300

• smoking in rooms, kitchenettes, bathrooms, staircase: PLN 100

• making Hostel equipment dirty as a result of the abuse of alcohol or other intoxicating substances: PLN 150

• prices of other damages depend on costs of repair.

4. Each time the Guest leaves the room, for safety reasons, he or she should turn off the TV set, the light, the taps and lock the door.

5. The Hostel has the statutory right of pledge on items brought by the Guest to the Hostel if the Guest falls behind in payment for the stay and services provided.


1. The Guest should inform the Reception Desk about any damage immediately after finding it.

2. The Hostel reserves the right to refuse to deposit items of high value, considerable sums of money, dangerous objects and objects of large dimensions which cannot be left on deposit.

3. The Hostel is not responsible for items left in the Hostel rooms.


1. Personal belongings left in the Hostel room by the Guest leaving the Hostel will be sent at the Guest’s expense to the address indicated by the Guest.

2. If the Hostel is not instructed by the Guest to send the left items, the Hostel will store such items at the expense of their owner for the period of one month and after that period such items will become the ownership of the Hostel. Foodstuffs will be stored for 24 hours.


1. Quiet hours in the Hostel are from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.


1. Guest are entitled to make complaints in case of any deficiencies in the quality of services provided.

2. All complaints are to be received at the Reception Desk.

3. The complaint should be made immediately after noticing deficiencies in the quality of services provided.


1. The Hostel does not accepts pets.

2. It is absolutely forbidden to smoke at the Hostel and in its closest surroundings, except for places indicated for that purpose.

3. No dangerous materials like weapon, ammunition, flammable, explosive or lightning materials may be kept in Hostel rooms.

4. The Guest agrees that his or her personal information be stored and processed pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act (Journal of Laws no 101(926) of 2002 as amended) by the FAUST Hostel Ewelina Sokołowska-Niemiec based in Kraków, ul. Szewskiej 21, for purposes necessary for the Guest to stay at the Hostel and to use other services provided by the Hostel. The Guest is entitled to review his or her personal information and correct it.

5. It is forbidden to carry out canvasses and door-to-door sales at the Hostel.

6. It is forbidden to make a loud noise at the Hostel, cause unpleasant smell or do other things which disturb, harm or irritate Hostel Guests.

7. Guests may not make any changes in Hostel rooms or their equipment, except for moving furniture or equipment slightly without affecting their functionality and safe usage.

Have a nice time here.